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March 29, 2009

The beginning of emptyness…

You have the habit to collect useless objects in this moment, thinking that some day (you never know when) you will need them.

You have the habit to gather money with no intention to spend them, thinking that in the future you will need them.

You have the habit to keep clotes, toys, shoes, furniture, home appliances and another things you didn’t use for a long time.

… But inside you? …

You have the habit to hide your feelings, conflicts, resentments, bitterness, fears, memories of certain people, etc. .

Don’t do this!

Is “anti-prosperity”!

It’s necessary to create a empty space so that new things come in your life.

You must eliminate what is useless in your life to let prosperity enter it.

The power of this empty space is to attract and absorb all that you want.

As long you are , materialy and emotionaly, full with old and useless stuff, the empty space for new opportunities will never exist.

Goods must circulate…

Clean your drawers, your closets, your room and your garage.

Give to others what you don’t use anymore.

Your attitude of keeping uselessobjects will hold you in place.

Not the possesed stuff reflect your life but the attitude to keep does that.When something is kept, it is considered the possibility of a shortage or a need. It is like you think that, tomorrow you will lack something and you won’t have any way to find it.

Whit this attitude, you send two messages to your brain and your life:

1) … you don’t have faith in tomorrow

2) … you think that what is new and good are not for you if you

are satisfied with keeping old and useless things.

After you will read this, not just keep it … tell others.

Have a nice day!!!

p/s : quote from sumone blogger…credit to him…but,the thing is we understand those meaning…enjoy deleting back unused files in ur 1 terabyte harddisk…..gettin it done later on…hope so


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