eBay – a new way of business

April 18, 2009

yo…today…we are goin to learn to do BusiNess(u shud get busy..yeah..)..

to start a bisnes,first we hav to own a platform so dat we can reach people who really need our product..for example,if the customer want meat,i shud sell meat at the market.,this is the place where people hav set a goal(buy meat) from their home…if they want food(spagetti,fisch n chip,hamburger)..i shud set up a restaurant,where people go there to dine in peacefully..so the MAIN point is to have the platform…so wat now?

b4 we proceed,we must think these few quetions n take some consideration

1)wat de customers want

2)wat we want to sell

3)are we satisfied

maybe 3rd question a bit “penin”..dat wat i was thinkin just now…lets continue..

rite now in my mind,i was thinking to sell my ipod classic 120gb..it is neuwertig,said the german.. hrum…the most suitable place to sell is?….1….2….3…yeah..its eBay..

so,i got the thing n i got the customer

but i don feel hepi..u noe,i want to get the most reasonable price..so dat i don lose my ipod to the filthy customer…

a strategi must be make…

wat i noe,the most important thing to attract customer r?

1)time  –  with a good time setting,z.B at critcal or peak hour around 8-10pm..many people have more time to look the stuff in ebay..it’s lucky enuf for them to reach our product..so,it solved.

2)dokumentation – we shud play win – win situation …wat i mean is,i shud giv sumthing interesting so dat their attention is more deflected to my product..i can achieve dat by making an interesting title…fishy Picture n compact n precise detail of my stuff…to make it a bit catchy..the reason why i sell can all be mentioned while this will boost ur prozent of winning this game…haha..

so,wat im waitin for?..let go to ebay..this shud the link click here

sorri..im still new in this subject..but we noe dat a gud businessman starting is bad..remember dat….until then…



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